Biodynamic farming is a way of life

At DANÆG we receive our biodynamic (Demeter) eggs from the biodynamic farm Birkelund in Southern Jutland. Here the hens are fed exclusively with biodynamic and organic feed. In a biodynamic farming, the hens live under the same conditions as organic hens.

A way of thinking

At Birkelund, the biodynamic eggs are produced from a holistic mindset, which takes into account a connection between all elements. Here the chickens are fed by hand as a means of keeping close contact with the animals.

- Our healthy foods must nourish the human body, soul and spirit. That's why we run a biodynamic farm. The words come from Karin Petersen. Together with her husband Christian, she runs the farm Birkelund in Southern Jutland near Tønder. The farm has been run biodynamic since 2009 and was formerly an organic farm for many years.

Being a biodynamic farmer is much more than a job. It's a lifestyle. A way of thinking. At Birkelund, the hens form part of a larger whole, and the eggs are produced from a holistic mindset, taking into account the many elements and all the living creatures surrounding the hens. 

The well-being of our hens is crucial

Karin makes an effort to be present with the hens. - We feed them grains by hand so that they are occupied and not bored. But we are also there to see them and keep in touch with them. We also study their behavior a lot, says Karin Petersen.

To Karin it is also imporant that the farm is attractive to hens and humans, as well as to insect and bird life. The hens should like to be outside as part of their natural behavior, therefore the farm is constantly developing.

We have considered which trees and shrubs are the most suitable, among other things. For example hazel, elder, spruce, willow and fruit trees. Trees and shrubs make the hens feel safe and help create good energies around them, says Karin.

Food for body, spirit and soul

The biodynamic eggs from Birkelund live up to all the rules for organic production. In addition, the farm complies with all the biodynamic/Demeter regulations and has the international Demeter check mark for approved biodynamic farming. Demeter quality foods are made to provide both nutrients and nutritional powers to the whole human being.

- Dealing with "life-giving" issues gives life in itself. It makes us richer, which impacts our animal, plants and fellow humans, says Karin.