We are owned by our egg farmers

The history of the DANÆG group goes all the way back to 1895, when the cooperative Dansk Andels Ægexport was founded. At that time, Danish eggs were losing their reputation in the largest export market in England due to the eggs' poor quality. The cooperative was therefore founded on the believe that together we stand stronger. This mantra is still an important part of DANÆG's DNA today, where the group consists of two Danish, two Swedish and one Finnish company. DANÆG is still owned by its farmers, as well as DLG, Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab.

36.136 egg farmers

The explosive start

When Dansk Andels Ægexport was founded in 1895, Denmark was covered by small farms with 10-50 hens. These farmers quickly joined the new cooperative, so that, after seven years, the numbers of co-owners had grown explosively to 36,136 egg producers.

In the mid-20th century, modernization meant that the number of farmers began to decline and in 1987 the number of egg producers at DANÆG was below 200. Today, around 40 Danish producers supply eggs to DANÆG.

Participatory democracy

What does it mean that DANÆG is a cooperative?

As a cooperative, DANÆG is owned by its egg producers. This means that each egg producer has a part in the voting that takes place in the company. When the year is over, the company pays part of its profits to the owners. The remaining profits are reinvested in the company to buy new machines, modernizations etc.

Conversely, DANÆG is required to receive all the eggs the farmers produce and sell them as best we can. For their eggs, producers receives payment by DANÆG. The payment per egg depends on the type of production and the market's supply and demand.

The southern part of Denmark

Where are DANÆG's farms located?

At DANÆG we have a very special relationship with Southern Denmark and Southern Jutland. Our egg packaging station is located in beautiful, historical Christiansfeld and the vast majority of our organic egg producers' farms are located in the southern part of Denmark. However, we also have manufacturers in Zealand, Funen and in Central Jutland.

On the map the white eggs show where our producers' farms are located, while black eggs are other production sites. The orange eggs mark our egg packing station DANÆG A/S in Christiansfeld and our product factory DANÆG Products in Roskilde.